[iDC] Anyone using SL

Jonah Bossewitch jonah at bossewitch.net
Thu Jan 7 05:18:11 UTC 2010

Great compilation of projects.

A few more thoughts.  SL is not synonymous with Virtual Worlds - for
example, Sun is pretty serious about wonderland
(https://lg3d-wonderland.dev.java.net/) for business and educational use. 

The most interesting experiences I have had inside of SL have been part
of this community - playasbeing.org

They are group that is exploring the use of Virtual Worlds as
phenomenological laboratories.  Turns out virtual worlds are a pretty
great environment for exploring the nature of being and reality
(especially w/ the right community).  We meet near a Zen monastary,
where many avatars continue to gather daily to meditate.

Here are some short reflections I wrote on the project and the unique
value of 3d immersive interactions


And the project was written up in

There is also continued interest in scientific visualizations w/in SL


and librarians are already preoccupied w/ how they are going to archive objects from virtual worlds


I don't go in there too often, but I have a new appreciation of its value after spending some time in there working on a meaningful project. 


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