[iDC] The SL Unleashing.

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Sat Jan 9 09:22:04 UTC 2010

linden must also benefit enormously from all the academic research 
that's been done into/around SL; i wonder, does linden fund/sponsor 
anything, or are the universities/researchers paying for their land etc 
as well as donating the research?


ricardo at ambriente.com wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I'm not on Second Life although I'm one of those people who created an
> avatar long ago and didn't return to it.
> I'm writing now, because when I read about critical artists using SL, I'm
> dumbfounded by the lack of criticality toward Linden Lab, their treatment
> toward employees and that artists using SL are uncritically contributing
> to a commercial product with questionable ethics.
> I'm largely writing from the position of an educator who has seen
> talented, young students eagerly take jobs with Linden Lab only to be
> overworked and underpaid - taken advantage of for lack of professional
> experience.  Linden Lab has a history of hiring young talented college
> graduates, paying them a low salary and demanding well over 8 hours a day.
>  Kids stick with the job, because they think it will lead them somewhere. 
> I find this treatment of young artists entirely unethical.  And it's
> disappointing to here of critically engaged artists using a corporate
> platform without a critical perspective toward the corporation that they
> are playing tribute to by contributing to its environment and popularity
> while it mistreats its employees.
> ricardo


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