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Jack, Lilly and All - 

You may want to check out this site:


It's dedicated to the use of visualization in all forms of learning and communication. They offer a lot of instruction in this area. It was started by Dave Gray, a great guy whom I worked with extensively years ago when I was launching Business 2.0 magazine.

Jim Daly

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Hello Lilly and All,
We are currently trying to develop a program for teaching visualization/perceptualization at UNM. I was very interested in reading Lilly's request because I am looking for other programs that have been set up. so far-- nada- I am thinking that people learn the skills of visualization when they need them- have not found a formalized program yet. So-I am echoing Lilly- does anyone know of one?


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On Jan 11, 2010, at 2:11 PM, lilly nguyen wrote:

Hi all,
>I am looking to provide an overview of approaches and theories to information visualization and am unsure of where to start. Do any of you IDC-listers have recommendations for sources, scholars, and texts? I am currently working on a project with Alan Liu at UC Santa Barbara and we are interested in getting a birds-eye view of various theoretical approaches to visualization as we embark on some of our own visualization work. 
>Thanks so much!
>lilly nguyen
>phd candidate
>dept. of information studies | ucla
>lillynguyen at ucla.edu
>aim: deuxlits
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