[iDC] Theories of Information Visualization

Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
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The question is:
do you want a straight course on 'how does data get visualized'?
or do you want something that critically examines what it means to visualize (or for that matter sonify), data?

I would imagine probably a bit of both....

This is a good overall text:
Richard Wright 'Data Visualisation' in M. Fuller ed. Software Studies: A lexicon (MIT Press, 2008)
Also you'll find some sections within this:
N. K. Hayles (1990) Chaos Bound, Ithaca: Cornell University Press (around pp160ff)  

I would also recommend this website which talks about Mitchell Whitelaw's (Sean's recommendation) recent work doing interactive visualisations at the National Screen and Sound Archives in Australia...

I am in the process of writing a segment of my course on Digital Theory and Aesthetics on information visualisation and sonification...let's stay in touch! I'd be happy to send you a course outline in about a month when it's finished

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One excellent book is Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin, Atlas of Cyberspace -
2001, but absolutely amazing. Dodge has charged the Net for years and

- Alan

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