[iDC] Google in China: Protecting Activists by Protesting Industrial Policy?

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Wed Jan 13 22:23:46 UTC 2010

> "The Google syndrome caps growing complaints by foreign businesses over 
> a deteriorating business environment.. . . Younger bureaucrats are more 
> nationalistic and skeptical of the value of letting in foreign 
> companies. . . Last year, for example, foreign executives said bidding 
> practices for wind energy were rigged to exclude foreign companies."**

not to mention summary arrest of foreign managers ... RE, for example: the Rio 
Tinto arrests (ongoing story) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8141766.stm

The rising nationalism will not stop at crooked business deals, kick-backs and 
extortion, but is already an active driving concept behind China's dealing with 
(global) raw material availability -- they will take what ever they need where 
ever they can get it ... They have the capital to do it directly or via corrupt 
or aggressive politico-economic means.

If Google isn't simply being progmatic, maybe they should be!  They will lose 
out to the Chinese without a heavy dose of 
Marxist-Confucio-capitalist-pragmatism in their 10-year-plans...


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