[iDC] serious playbor

Jonah Bossewitch mrenoch at phantomcynthetics.com
Fri Jan 22 07:22:47 UTC 2010

Thanks John.

Also, please check out the unfurlment of this strategy around a concrete


We are working frantically, on zero budget (talk about low overhead) to
pull this together. We need all the playbor we can get ;-)

BTW - I am still bummed I missed the conf in november. Here was my video
postcard to you from back then



 john sobol wrote:
> Just a quick note to my fellow iDC'ers affirming that the link below
> is timely and well worth following, as are those it leads to...
> On 17-Jan-10, at 2:28 PM, Jonah Bossewitch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I participated in one of the CrisisCamps this weekend, and thought this
>> list might appreciate these reflections, analysis, and project proposal:
> http://alchemicalmusings.org/2010/01/16/humane-communications-over-human-networks/
>> Anyone have ideas on how to move a project proposal like this forward?
>> best,
>> /Jonah

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