[iDC] Future of learning institutions

George Siemens gsiemens at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 13:14:28 UTC 2010

Hi all,

First, Happy Canada Day!!!

The Future of Learning Institutions is the last topic of our
discussion. To date, we have rather haphazardly tackled challenges in
education (addressing concerns about cost, techno-determinism, peer
learning, alternative education models such as P2PU).

But...what types of learning institutions do we need? If, as pundits
proclaim, education is "the next bubble to burst" - suggesting a
greater utilitarian/pragmatic focus - who/what will fill the role of
providing liberal arts education? Or have we moved past that stage in
human history? Is the future of learning driven by market and
utilitarian needs?

As we (and institutions such as Educause/Gates foundation's new
initiative) ponder the future of education, we need to define which
elements in education/learning need to be preserved as a basis for a
healthy society. While *change* is ongoing and directionless,
*becoming* requires discussion and exploration.


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