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Re: Movements, Rebellions


either we are extinguished, or we revolt and overcome.

however we organize ourselves, let us be the change we seek. let us be a
model that shows that fair, equitable, alternatives exist, function, and are
sustainable. let us not turn into the thing/people/institution/platform we
rebel against. seems obvious, but how many times has that mistake been made?

i agree with the suggestion regarding facebook, in that to destroy something
so monstrous, we must participate in it. over participate. create deluges.
but quitting facebook also helps bring it down as well. the revolution must
attack from both within and without.

it is not enough to say things, we must take action or else our words are
hollow and meaningless---why even say/type them?

let's channel our rage, our frustration. let them inspire and ignite us. not
just moan. and let's also remember that a part of our repression is the
misinformation that you are alone. or that we are a small minority of people
whose feelings and thoughts and experiences do not matter and that we are
too dispersed to cause substantial change. this list, at least is some kind
of (material and/or virtual) evidence that that is not true.

and while we're adding to the list: filmmakers and artists who refuse to
work (often disguised as the word intern) full or damn near full time for
extended periods for free!! fuck that shit too man. art matters! pay us for
our time, supplies, and brains!

all the best.

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