[iDC] Participationism (was "why do we need physical campuses")

George Siemens gsiemens at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 09:27:26 UTC 2010

Thanks for your contribution, Ulises. This statement particularly resonated:
"Authority in the participatory culture operates not by threatening to expel
us from the network, but by making it difficult to resist participating in
the network in the first place. The more one participates in digital
networks, the more totalizing this form of authority becomes."

Participation=good. Non-participation=bad. At least that is how it is
generally cast. What are your thoughts on the "totalizing...form of
authority" in relation to Jacques Ellul's technification of society?
Technology in the form of the printing press permitting society to scale
information. Technology in the form of social media is permitting society to
scale socialization. Is the core concern not in your statement one of
technology (based on Ellul's definition of technique as "a means of
apprehending reality, of acting on the world, which allows us to neglect all
individual differences, all subjectivity.", rather than the network?


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