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{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Sun Jun 20 14:24:17 UTC 2010

good-again, yes, I concur with the gist of this article but
it should be ratched-up a notch to question, nay, heartedly
dismantle any notion of the worth of _any academic
accreditation -- which is really only a despicable means of
raising internal revenue -- is there really any singular
'cause' that justifies the continued existence of these
hideous houses of vapid validation


it's been about 20 years(!) since I (and many other
culturally disenfranchised teachers) turned to online
'alternatives,' only to see the same obstacles reinvented
along with the old regimented cork-screw syllabus


On Fri, 18 Jun 2010, Klaus Knoll wrote:

> I came across this piece a while ago, maybe relevant still - it's in
> part about the role accreditation plays in maintaining the system as
> it exists today, Soenke
> September / October 2009
> College for $99 a Month
> The next generation of online education could be great for
> students—and catastrophic for universities.
> by Kevin Carey
> http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/college_guide/feature/college_for_99_a_month.php

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