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Good points Trebor. A few more examples of informal or free learning

Bruce High Quality Foundation University:

Free University Project:



On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Trebor Scholz <trebor at thing.net> wrote:

> Education, caught up in a cost spiral, is in crisis. Tuition is on the
> rise and in the foreseeable future, higher education will be as
> unaffordable as a Prada bag. Anya Kamenetz' DIY U frames that well.
> The future lies neither solely in distance education nor in informal
> personal learning networks but rather in hybrid approaches. What we are
> witnessing now are dress rehearsals where "e.learning" is trying on the
> role of the cash cow that can deliver it all and DIY universities
> sometimes make it sound as if they are the panacea. The reality is
> somewhere in between. In the years to come, the university will lose
> some of its centrality to informal learning projects (1) and variants of
> profit-driven courseware. Let's stop pretending that this is not
> happening. To succeed, however, the university will need to up its game
> and make its boundaries more porous by meaningfully integrating emerging
> ways of knowing and new social media (2).
> (1) Please send more examples of informal learning projects.
> The Public School (http://nyc.thepublicschool.org/)
> University of the People (http://www.uopeople.org/)
> University of Openess (http://uo.twenteenthcentury.com/)
> Copenhagen Free University
> (http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/index.html)
> Manoa Free University (http://manoafreeuniversity.org/)
> EduFactory (http://www.edu-factory.org/)
> Radical Education Collective (http://radical.temp.si/)
> Free Slow University of Warsaw (http://www.wuw2009.pl/index.php?lang=eng)
> Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (http://www.tsci.ca/)
> (2) I suggest some implementations of social media in the classroom in
> this slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/c2l6wy
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