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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Jun 22 13:07:28 UTC 2010

Hi All,

Extremely interesting conversations.

I thought I'd share an extract with you, of what I have been currently 
reading by Pierre Bourdieu, he said it so well:


The essence of neoliberalism

What is neoliberalism? A programme for destroying collective structures 
which may impede the pure market logic.

by Pierre Bourdieu

"And yet the world is there, with the immediately visible effects of the 
implementation of the great neoliberal utopia: not only the poverty of 
an increasingly large segment of the most economically advanced 
societies, the extraordinary growth in income differences, the 
progressive disappearance of autonomous universes of cultural 
production, such as film, publishing, etc. through the intrusive 
imposition of commercial values, but also and above all two major 
trends. First is the destruction of all the collective institutions 
capable of counteracting the effects of the infernal machine, primarily 
those of the state, repository of all of the universal values associated 
with the idea of the public realm. Second is the imposition everywhere, 
in the upper spheres of the economy and the state as at the heart of 
corporations, of that sort of moral Darwinism that, with the cult of the 
winner, schooled in higher mathematics and bungee jumping, institutes 
the struggle of all against all and cynicism as the norm of all action 
and behaviour."

Wishing all well.



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