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There are examples of millions going to artists. The following has a budget of a million. I'm part of it so know the project.

I can't say much now but I know of another project that has just been awarded several million. That will be public in a few weeks. There are others.

Go to http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/FundedResearch/BrowseResearch.aspx
Select all schemes and subject visual arts, for example. Browse the list. Overwhelmingly the grants are small (4 and 5 figures) but over the past decade a number of 5 and 6 figure awards have been made - even a few 7 figure sums. If you click on the amount awarded column (twice) it will list the awards in descending order (many in 6 figures). This doesn't show the larger grants (over a million). For these you need to search by theme, although amounts are often not indicated. The largest grants tend to concern research infrastructure, in the form of research centres, doctoral programmes or major interdisciplinary activities. If you then go to the grant detail page and from there to the awardees page you will find the data you want, although it can be hard to find. The larger the sum the more discreet.

The largest awards in the creative arts have been for doctoral block grants. Many of these are in the 8-10 million GBP range. The values are not indicated on the site above. Not sure why but these grants have been awarded.

Here is one which underpins a PhD programme in experimental sound art: http://www.qmul.ac.uk/hss/funding/ahrc/award/index.html



On 8 Aug 2011, at 23:14, { brad brace } wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Aug 2011, Simon Biggs wrote:
>> ...You
>> might think that "big science" has little to do with the
>> arts and humanities but, at least in the UK, the arts can
>> be considered to be research and funded accordingly. Seven
>> and eight figure sums are available to support creative
>> arts projects....
> *shudder* <trickle-down the rabbit hole again> Simon, please
> provide even one verifiable insistance for your claim of
> tens of millions going to artists, or even something
> "artistic" or even something that can be said to be whatever
> needs to be said in order to get the money ... where were
> we?
> /:b

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