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Dear all

I recommend Johann Pestalozzi's 1895 book *Leonard and Gertrude *

particularly the sections on 'Gertrude's method of instruction', 'The
organisation of a new school', and 'A good pastor and schoolmaster: the
opening of a new era'.

The history of alternative education forms and methods is fascinating.
Pestalozzi was extremely influential with his ideas on 'learning by doing'.
He participated in the Owenite experiment in the town of New Harmony from
1824. It's a really interesting social experiment that unfortunately
collapsed because the intellectuals in this town could not do anything
practical, leading to the experiment's demise! A very interesting
contradiction that I imagine is addressed in the materials you've written
Anya which I haven't yet read, but thank you for starting this discussion,
I'm going to read your work now.


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On 9 August 2011 13:12, Florian Cramer <flrncrmr at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'd like to chime in with Marco here. Anya wrote in her Edupunk
> article http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/138/who-needs-harvard.html
> :
> "The edupunks are on the march. From VC-funded startups to the ivied
> walls of Harvard, new experiments and business models are springing up
> from entrepreneurs, professors, and students alike. Want a class
> that's structured like a role-playing game? An accredited bachelor's
> degree for a few thousand dollars? A free, peer-to-peer Wiki
> university? These all exist today, the overture to a complete
> educational remix."
> This sounds more like the kind of punk culture that, in my original
> home country Germany, is represented by the magazine "Business Punk"
> <http://www.business-punk.com>, an Ayn-Randian variant of punk. This
> seems to be consistent with Anya's statement here on the list:
> > What can I do RIGHT NOW to learn what I need to know, to accomplish the
> goals I set for myself, to take charge of my own destiny
> > both educationally and personally?"
> Wasn't it a point of self-organized learning projects, from subculture
> to Wikis, that they are about community?
> -F
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