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Mark Hayward hayward.mark at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 02:08:05 UTC 2011


I wanted to write a quick introduction for myself and my interests in the
themes coming together around the upcoming meeting in New York. My name is
Mark Hayward and I'm part of a team of people working at the American
University of Paris on how to incorporate digital tools into smaller
universities while remaining attentive to the specific cultural context in
which the university is situated as well as the wide variety of backgrounds
from which our students come. Some of this project has taken shape as part
of an exchange with the friendly people at Eugene Lang College in New York
and some of it has taken shape in dialogue with other “liberal arts”
colleges outside of the US.

My interests have lead to me (and my collaborators) to propose a session for
thinking about how smaller schools and universities might implement digital
tools in a more international context. It's our intention to think about
this both as an issue of curriculum as well as funding (because sometimes
things get too expensive quickly.) Although many of the discussions that
have been taken place on this list so far have been talking about different
contexts from small colleges and universities, I'm finding a lot of similar
questions being address from different angles and approaches.

I'd be grateful to hear of any interesting projects you know of taking place
at smaller institutions (especially those under 2000 students.) We are
particularly interested in people working in non-US contexts as we've found
translating some projects into the French context have raised a variety of
obstacles (not the least of which were technical.)

 Mark Hayward
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