[iDC] The Twitter Revolution Must Die

Ulises Mejias ulises.mejias at oswego.edu
Wed Feb 2 15:56:47 UTC 2011

Thank you, all, for your comments.

I'm afraid that while I was trying to get beyond the "media did it" (as Mark
Deuze puts it) v. the "people did it" dichotomy, my condemnation of
corporate branding seems to have skewed my argument towards "people did it."
While this is a function of my own biases, and it felt like it needed to be
said at the moment, it is nonetheless problematic. I agree with Mark when he
says that "lived experience is synonymous with mediated experience"
(specially when we take into account all forms of mediation, including
language and non-verbal communication, not just digital mediation).

Actor Network Theory has taught us that agency is a complex web of
interactions in which humans and non-humans intervene, and I agree with you,
Anna, that we need more nuanced maps of the assemblages. I also agree with
you, Biella, that these assemblages provide new affordances for
co-witnessing the event.

But is analysis and co-witnessing the only modes of participation? What is
our responsibility, as media practitioners/scholars/artists/educators/etc.,
at a time like this?

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