[iDC] <nettime> Egyptian Revolution: 2nd decolonialisation for all

Saul Ostrow sostrow at cia.edu
Fri Feb 4 15:29:42 UTC 2011

Remember Judith thisis america were you do not have to go to washing to  protest things like war, the threatened repeal of health care, or financial misconduct - you discuss it on line and act outraged in the safety of your home - the Eyptians, Tunsians, Iranians, the Chinese, Yeminites and Palestianians once they have the infra =structure will be able to do the same thing - what unfortunate people they are

On 2/4/11 10:00 AM, "Judith Rodenbeck" <jrodenbe at sarahlawrence.edu> wrote:

"Most of" the people in Tahrir Square are NOT journalists/bloggers! And they are communicating with hands and voices, giving the conditional lie to the notion that demonstrations don't matter. The self-involvement of "new media" folk is breathtaking.

On Feb 4, 2011, at 7:27 AM, sumandro wrote:

> Why are people on streets in Cairo are tweeting and claiming hashtag spaces? Only because most of them are journalists/bloggers and they require the global audience for their living? How does tweeting from the streets change their experiences and future experiences of those streets?

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