[iDC] The Twitter Revolution Must Die

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Mon Feb 14 16:38:45 UTC 2011

ei Brian, a bit late on this, but...

> I totally agree. The noise about Twitter and Facebook revolutions is
> part of United States propaganda in its attempt to continue imposing
> liberal empire on the world. Frankly, it's disgusting and it's about to
> be over:

I think it will only be over when people get off their arses and stop 
'participating' in the world through twitchy thumbs or twerping their fingers 
across little glass pads...  While empire is empire is empire, the 'people' who 
populate empire have to DO SOMETHING for change to be realized...  Empire never 
ends, it simply finds another place where individual doing/living is overtaken 
by a participatory and implicate stasis...



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