[iDC] Steve Wilson 1/10/11

Christiane Robbins cpr at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 12 22:23:22 UTC 2011

I can't tell you how deeply saddened I am to hear of Steve's passing.   
Often not fully acknowledged, he was early force behind the  
advancement of digital media and various conceptual and art practices  
in the SF Bay Area. Not only had he been a colleague, he was a friend  
- full of energy, high spirits and always moving forward.  He (and  
George ) offered me my first university faculty position in the  
unheard of program area of digital media  - right out of graduate  
school which set me on a path that always gave reason for a chuckle.

Many of us in the digital realm who were orbiting around the Bay Area  
in the 90's might not be practicing today had it not been for the  
consistency of his encouragement.  To be sure, this hovered above the  
Sisyphean obstacles placed before him by the mechanisms of the public  
university. That is to say, the persistent  budget cuts by public  
university funding that continually plagued his tenure at SFSU.  To  
say he did his best would be an understatement - and he did so not  
only for the betterment of his own program but he did so to ensure the  
evolution of the field.  The digital media world is in debt to his  
vision, to his energy,  to his good-humored tenacity and to fostering  
a committed community of artists and intellectuals.


On Jan 12, 2011, at 7:06 AM, Trebor Scholz wrote:

> From Molly Hankwitz:
> FYI, I know Steve was a contributor and respected colleague on this  
> list.
> Molly H
> From: cathy witzling
> Subject: Steve 1/10/11
> My dear people,
> I am so sad to have to tell you that Steve died at about 8:00 this  
> morning, in his sleep. The end was peaceful.
> Funeral services will be held on Thursday, 1/13/11, at 11:00AM.  
> People are asked to arrive at 10:30AM. The services will be held at  
> Sinai Memorial Chapel, 1501 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 94115.
> Please don't send flowers, but you can make a charitable  
> contribution--I will send another email out with the details.
> Thank you all so much for your love and concern. You meant a lot to  
> him.
> Love,
> Cathy
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