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Hello Mobility Shifts and IDC-folks, 

There are so many amazing conversations going on at the moment!  I am looking forward to meeting many of you over the course of the conference.
I'm writing on behalf of my Mobility Shifts panel, consisting of Jessica Westbrook (SAIC), Adam Trowbridge (SAIC), Elizabeth Losh (UCSD), and Hasan Elahi (UMD). We are hoping to lead an active participatory conversation on the pros and cons of digital fluency curricula designed for an undergraduate population.  Read our description below and please join us, and come prepared to discuss, share, and converse!  

Details: Our panel is tomorrow, Friday at noon at this location: Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 66 Fifth Avenue.

Here is a description:
Free iPads!?: Scalable Digital Pedagogies For Undergraduate Education

This panel will debate the pros and cons of new courses of study that aspire to engage digital pedagogy with the goal of establishing computer literacy and social engagement. 

Undergraduate education focused on digital fluency is expanding—but is it bringing increased learning opportunities or merely adding to the diversity of new course requirements?  Contemporary digital pedagogy incorporates contemporary teaching strategies and novel learning tools.  New courses designed to teach computer literacy often feature collaborative learning, intellectual problem solving, rigorous assignments, direct links to global contexts, as well as effective assessment and reporting to improve outcomes for students. 

All of the invited panelists have some direct experience with crafting scalable curricula for undergraduate populations that demand a high level of computer and creative competencies.  Some academic institutions have designated these new course offerings as required for graduation, while other programs have an honors focus to attract top students.  Generally speaking, the purpose of the panel is to define digital literacy for undergraduate students, share curricular assignments and methods, and examine the varied ways in which such literacy requirements either dilute or enhance undergraduate education.

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