[iDC] Introducing complex topics..."Approaches to Postmodern Art-making" Terry Barrett, Ph.D.

Adam D Trowbridge atrowbridge at saic.edu
Wed Sep 21 01:05:21 UTC 2011

from: FATE in Review, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education
2006-2007, Volume 28

Topics: "Escaping the Confines of Museums, Collapsing Boundaries
Between “High” and “Low”, Rejecting Originality, Jouissance, Working
Collaboratively, Appropriating, Simulating, Hybridizing, Mixing Media,
Layering, Mixing Codes, Recontextualizing, Confronting the Gaze,
Facing the Abject, Constructing Identities, Using Narratives, Creating
Metaphors, Irony, Parody, and Dissonance"


Terry Barrett's article serves as a "cheat sheet" for introducing
first year students to contemporary art theory and practice. "This
article is a straightforward and accessible introduction  to major
ideas, attitudes,
and  approaches  influencing  postmodernist  artmaking.The  article
introduces  theory through art examples that can be found in a library
and on the Internet. What follows can be used to motivate art-making
and for analyzing recent art."

It is a well-considered summary of several challenging and exciting
ideas. But can short descriptions sum up decades of art and theory?
Can they motivate people to seek out more work and source texts?

Art 21 (http://www.pbs.org/art21/)
Wikipedia as initial research
"Introducing" graphic guides (e.g.

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