[iDC] Blogposts: "Louder Voices and Learning Networks" and "The Dead Hand of (Western) Academe"

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Mon Sep 26 19:03:56 UTC 2011

Some of you may already have seen these initial thoughts on an earlier
iteration of the conference self presentation and program... 

But if not, it may still be of some interest as I don't think the issues
raised have as yet been discussed.

/ (Tiny URL http://wp.me/pJQl5-76 )

"...in looking at this array of attractive intellectual baubles I'm left
with one nagging concern.  Amidst all this media and networking and mobility
what exactly will be the content of this "Twenty-first Century University as
global learning network"?  Where will the content come from, that will
constitute the "learning" component of this learning network? How exactly
will the promise implicit in this statement-"digital learning is
increasingly recognized as an important part of development worldwide" be
realized in fact, and by whom, and ultimately in whose interests?"

This follows along from an earlier blogpost which may also be of interest in
the context of "Mobility Shifts" and elsewhere

mmunity-informatics-in-a-less-developed-country-context/  (Tiny URL
http://wp.me/pJQl5-6Z )

"A consistent theme that emerged from my discussions was confusion and
frustration that many of these colleagues expressed at trying to fit the
dead hand of their received discipline based knowledge and training into the
urgent vibrancy of the requirements for their skills and engagement in the
world just outside their doors."


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