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Samuel Tannert samuel.tannert at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 21:31:20 UTC 2014

I haven't been subscribed to iDC for very long, and so I don't have a feel
for the conversation quite yet, but I thought I would share what I am
working on.

A bunch of us who came of age during the IMGboard milieu of the Naughts
have been holed up on reddit, trying to 'figure out' Internet mass-culture.
It's actually a pretty lively scene! If anyone is looking to collect
another stream, check out reddit.com/r/criticaltheory; it acts as a hub for
everything from continental theory to 'PostPoMo' to occult studies to
'DebateFacism'. There are 80 subreddits in all, some more relevant than
others, so take a look around! (If you want to get real kooky I recommend
/r/sorceryofthespectacle, a blend of D+G, SR/OOO, Debord, and that Nick
Land/'Dark Marxism' stuff, maybe a little acceleration too.)

I have been working on a (yet to be assembled) hypertext that attempts to
create a politics around the claim that hyperspace is not merely the result
of 'real physical conditions,' but is, itself, material. If that claim
stings the nostrils you should check out the third, but I've got something
for people of all tastes -- or maybe just people w/ no taste? idk, time
will tell -- so choose whichever is most appropriate:

Landing Page (literary, mostly in meme-speak)

Twitch Plays Pokemon (pop-culture critique & dramatic over-extension)

Hyperspatial Politics & the Charge of Idealism (more theoretical defense)

I am excited to hear about what others are doing. Thanks for having me.
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