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João Enxuto & Erica Love original at theoriginalcopy.net
Fri Sep 12 04:19:34 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

We've enjoyed getting caught up with your introductions and look forward to participating in "Sweatshops, Picket lines, and Barricades." We are an artist collaborative based in New York City. For the conference, we will present an experimental lecture based on a recent essay we wrote about art markets, collecting, and art production under the influence of algorithmic regulation. Our research focused on the art collecting and taxonomy platform, Artsy and their "Art Genome Project." Artsy is one among many NYC-based art world platforms currently receiving significant funding from Silicone Valley venture capitalists. 

As with previous work, we are interested in the role of internet / cloud-based platforms in reshaping practices and institutions within the art field. Our talk will center on the extractive practice of translating (or Artsy's term "genoming") art historical knowledge to meet the content demands of the algorithm, database, and ultimately the market. In articulating a computational horizon we are most interested in sketching out alternatives for artists, art historians, and other art workers to undermine and resist increasingly unfavorable economic and labor conditions. 

Our lecture will follow the format of a talk we delivered earlier this year, "Art Project 2023," that speculated on the future of Google's Art Project in a scenario located on the site of the Whitney Museum's Marcel Breuer Building. 

We look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Best Wishes,
João Enxuto and Erica Love


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