[iDC] Introduction: Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross ar4 at nyu.edu
Sat Sep 13 01:17:02 UTC 2014

Looking forward to #DL14!

I teach at NYU, and I have been writing about digital labor, in one form or
another, since my ethnographic study of new media workplaces in No-Collar:
The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs (2003). My research continued in
Low Pay, High Profile (2004), Fast Boat to China (2006) and Nice Work If
You Can Get It (2009). My essay, "In Search of the Lost Paycheck," appeared
in the volume that Trebor edited from the first DL conference, Digital
Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory.
At the November conference, I'll be presenting with the disability rights
scholar and activist, Sunaura Taylor. We will be analyzing how digital
labor affects disabled people in regard to their health, employment, and
political advocacy.

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