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Hi everyone,

I'm really excited for the Digital Labor conference this year, and
apologize for my belated introduction. I'm currently an Associate Professor
of Law at Temple University, where I teach torts, employment
discrimination, and various labor law courses. Before law school I was a
community and union organizer for a number of years. My scholarship focuses
on the particular challenges facing low-wage and informal workers in the
current era of neoliberal globalization. So, right now I have a project on
the role of law in constituting and governing global value chains, and
several projects on the relationship between basic labor protections and
egalitarian distributive justice.

In the past, my work has addressed questions of the relationship between
work, worker power, and technology, and I plan to expand that focus in the
future. My first article, "Toward Third-Party Liability for Wage Theft"
argued in part that Walmart and other mega-retailers use of sophisticated
monitoring technologies to drive down prices and otherwise to discipline
their suppliers should expose them to liability for those suppliers'
subsequent violations of wage & hour laws. A subsequent article published
last year ("Justice at Work: Minimum Wage Laws and Social Equality")
considered the relationship between wage levels, productivity, employers'
decisions to invest in labor versus technological goods, and basic social
equality between employers and workers. I am also working on a short piece
now (which I plan to present at the conference) on how the so-called
"sharing economy" is undermining important public goods, and how regulatory
theory may respond.

FWIW, my published articles are available here:

Again, I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone in November.

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