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Hello #dl14

My name is T.L. Cowan and I teach at the New School, both at Eugene Lang
College (in Culture & Media, Integrated Arts and Gender Studies) and in the
School of Media Studies, where I am the FemTechNet Chair of Experimental
Pedagogies. I'm excited to see you all here in a couple of months.

I'll be presenting as part of the "Research and Practice on Feminist /
Feminized Digital Labor" Long Table discussion with several colleagues from
The New School.

My main research focus these days is on the trans- feminist and queer
cultural and intellectual economies and social lives, and I have published
several recent articles on this topic: “The Labour of Being Studied in a
Free Love Economy.” (with Jasmine Rault) in *ephemera *(2014)
“Speculative Praxis Towards a Queer Feminist Anti-Archive: A Collaborative
Research-Creation Project.” (with Jasmine Rault & Dayna McLeod) in *Ada: a
Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology *(2014). doi:10.7264/N3PZ573Z
<http://dx.doi.org/10.7264/N3PZ573Z>. These two articles reflect what I'm
thinking about digital labour these days...

By training, I'm an interdisciplinary scholar (practicing what I call
critical interdisciplinarity in my research, writing and teaching) across
literary, performance and cultural studies and I work mostly with cabaret
performance and cultural economies, right now finishing up a book that is a
revised version of my dissertation called *Poetry's Bastard: The
Illegitimate Geneaologies, Cultures, and Politics of Text-Based Performance
in Canada* while also developing a new book project, provisionally entitled
"Sliding Scale: *The Cultural Economies of Trans- Feminist and Queer
Cabaret - Montreal, Mexico City & New York City." *I am also working with
Jasmine Rault and Dayna McLeod on a collaborative research-creation project
called the Cabaret Commons
<http://www.cwrc.ca/projects/the-caberet-commons/>: a user-generated
digital archive and gossip rag for grass-roots queer and feminist artists,
audiences and researchers. We are preempting the creation of this archive
through a project/process we're calling "Feeling Speculative in Digital
Space." Over the course of the next year or so, we'll be doing some utopic
imagining for a digital space that is informed by trans- feminist and queer
ways of knowing, being, and making.

And I work with FemTechNet (the Feminist Technology Network) developing
cyberfeminist approaches to online education and connecting with other
digital pedagogical publics.

Oh, and I'm a performance artist and writer and I co-edit the Helix
Critical Project (http://helixqpn.tumblr.com/criticism), which is a blog
dedicated to cultivating better critical dialogue about contemporary queer

Looking forward to meeting you all and finding out what you're up to.

See you in November,


Dr. T.L. Cowan
FemTechNet Chair of Experimental Pedagogies,
School of Media Studies
Lecturer, Eugene Lang College
The New School
Office:  64 West 11 St. Room 121
Mailing: 65 West 11th Street  New York, NY 10011
Email - cowant at newschool.edu
Web - tlcowan.net
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