[iDC] RE. Ello--Alternative to Facebook

Karyn Hollis karyn.hollis at villanova.edu
Tue Sep 30 02:59:55 UTC 2014

Here's a very basic question.  Why would vulture capitalists put any money at all into Ello if they didn't hope to get a return on it?  And if they do hope to get a return, then as many have said, Ello must make money from users, right?  So ultimately Ello doesn't sound like much of an alternative to FB.

And another question--since web hosting is not free (or are there free web hosts?), is charging a user fee the only way to fund a FB alternative?  I for one would pay such a fee to avoid the "dataveilance" on FB.

Thanks to all for a great discussion.

Karyn Hollis, Ph.D., English Department
Director, Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric
Associate Director, Cultural Studies Program
Villanova University 

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