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Wed Apr 8 22:10:36 UTC 2009


as regards the mission statement, i can not remember how this term "outsider expression" came into being--
undoubtedly an attempt to cohere several disparate ideas. but i agree that it conjures images of an artist without formal training, working as a machinist by day and painting with hot sauce after midnight, with inscriptions about his mother, the devil and anwaarck, a secondary leader of the triangulum galaxy rebellion; who has befriended martha, the yoga instructor, who did not complete her degree in women's studies, but now makes diorama's with flour paste and styrofoam, depicting organic juice bottles.

okay...wait...i may know these two people.

regardless...i will revisit the terminology, make changes and throw it your way to sign off on it.

thanks for the careful look.

best, arfus

"... not to use the term OUTSIDER expression.
We are all insiders, come to think of it. In my opinion  "outsider" has 
a strong association with those cultivated outsider art ghettos like 
this show (fair?) taking place every year in the Putt building. (or has 
it already been outsourced?)"

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