[thingist] thingist is back! testing, one, two, three...

Wolfgang Staehle w at thing.net
Thu Feb 26 20:02:15 UTC 2009

we resurrected the thingist mailing list as the first step to THE
THING's new network presence.  for this testing phase i subscribed 
arfus, christoph, heidrun, gisela, caspar, myself and walter.  now
everyone involved in the planning stage can stay in the loop.  if you're
worried that list messages clog up your inbox, i suggest you make a
separate folder and filter list messages in there.   later we can expand
membership and invite friends, associates and some of the veteran
thingist fellows.

thanks to walter for setting this up!
and thanks to arfus for coming up with the name many years ago.


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