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Jim Foster fostart.jimart at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 10:28:02 UTC 2010

Oh Dear,
I just love to excite myself and then later on it takes my breath away that
I actually just let my thoughts fly- and sometimes edit ! I let life trick
me - into doing art works.

The bronze is so much fun. I am changing my whole style of living by getting
out of clay. Now I don't think I'm doing anything all day - where I was
running something like a Dairy. All the bronzes have rubber molds made so
more can be produced and by that time I just let the foundry do it
all-except for the art work. Art work - has to break rules- go beyond what
you did last- and totally make you think Whewww, how did I ever break all
those rules and do that !!!!
Video and computer editing are next !

Our minds are so important.... Need I say more. So much of our society is
geared to staying in the trench, worrying, stressed out, pickled with safety
nets all over the  place so you can't take a fall- and then you gotta  have
new clothes on all the time, white tennies do the trick. We get all these
tips from our folks, our teachers, our politicians, our
policemenandwomen-and our soldiers get blown away and think they are
fighting for freedom.

I think we have to live as far away from the world as we can.
Why do we love magicians and never learn their craft and make love with it ?
Ohh, I can hear him coming way up the road from us. Now he is here. A
motorcyclist rides by every morning at 4:30 on the dot and he is so noisy
with Harley News, and then whosshssss
he's gone. Whoops looks like he was early- or maybe that wasn't even him-
too quiet, this time.
A little like me.
love to all and thanks for yours,
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