[thingist] What about a subjective, evolving, archive?

Jerome Joy joy at thing.net
Wed Jul 21 18:22:20 UTC 2010

Thanks Caspar,

I guess I've got other archives on my hds, but the recollection  
requires more time and to take a period of work to achieve or to  
approach a reliable publication (weeks). And I guess it will be more  
simple when the whole TT archive (servers) will be online to recover  
information and documentation. As I said, our editing work, such as  
studies, essays and reports, will concern the enlightment of art  
aspects of the TT projects...

Le 21 juil. 10 à 16:43, Caspar Stracke a écrit :

> Jerome, I totally forgot about your fantastic collection. That's a  
> great
> base to work off from.
> How ironic... since the idea of an archive is to preserve knowledge -
> working against the forgetting.
> If we were archivist by profession, we would be characters from a  
> Borges
> novel,
> who have to write themselves little notes reminding that 'the archive'
> already exists before we start all over from the scratch...

I began this "brief history of TT" because I found nothing, except  
some quotes or comments.... at this time, after Summer'07.

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