[thingist] What about a subjective, evolving, archive?

Jerome Joy joy at thing.net
Wed Jul 21 18:28:10 UTC 2010

Le 20 juil. 10 à 16:37, Joseph Nechvatal a écrit :

> This is a joy to discover!! Needs to come out of the shadows, I think.
> Jerome, if you write (edit) a condensed version of this I will  
> create a Wikipedia page from what you send me.
> Unless there is resistance to this idea. Of course this can be  
> amended at any point.

I'm interested to translate it for the French Wikipedia.
I know that one French editor (maybe in collaboration with another  
French one) could be interested in publishing a French book about TT  
history. Maybe the better idea is to do our collective work about  
editing (on the wiki for instance), and the final output could be  
published (in English, German and French, and .... according to the  
editors who are ready).


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