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> If nobody says anything I will call in Peter Fend...

"One could call this blog a series of pan-decade reviews." Peter Fend, 2
February 2010

The series was short lived. One post in a year. Even Cistercians talk more
than that. Compared to him I'm a regular Bob Hope.

Anyway, I hope it works out with Peter and his biofuel experiment. Here in
Oxford the artists growing things take a slightly more pragmatic approach to
renewables and grew hops on their allotment then turned them into beer. I've
had a few bottles and can say that it does increase energy and recommend
beer as nice change to drinking petrol.


By the way, before you close the list I'd like to remind Wolfgang that 10
years ago Blackhawk ran a short contest online relating to the phrase, 'When
I hear the word culture I reach for my gun.' The prize was a photo of you
wearing, if I remember correctly, a green leather jacket.

I won and I still haven't received my picture. I know you've been busy but I
am getting concerned.

Now when I hear the word culture I reach for my mouse. No prizes for that.
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