[thingist] post propaganda

w w at thing.net
Tue Nov 13 19:34:21 UTC 2012

just like the gallic village of asterix and obelix, the url
http://post.thing.net still exists, a stubborn and outdated shabby
place, wedged somewhere in-between the evil empires of facebook and
twitter.  most of the time its habitues are either asleep, eat wild boar
cutlets, are busy with other stuff or simply too hung-over to make much
noise.  sometimes however, the one or the other feels the urge to raise
his or her voice and opine on some matters of concern.  then i dutifully
go in, fix the broken image links and promote the creed to the front

Alan Moore on "Art Writing: Why Do They Do It?" at

Joseph Nechvatal's personal reminiscence of David Wojnarowicz at

during times of data-mining empires it is generally a good thing to
keep a low profile, a fake profile or no profile at all. let's keep it
that way until the time is ripe to drink the magic potion and throw some
hefty menhirs at the occupiers!

until then, keep your ears stiff and make sure troubadix keeps his mouth


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