[thingist] Petition by Writers Against Mass Surveillance

w w at thing.net
Sun Dec 15 19:59:06 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-12-12 at 23:06 +0000, pffend Fend wrote:

> A person is liable
> only if he or she
> proposes armed action.
> I propose nothing of
> the sort. I did not
> even support the 
> confrontational act
> of Occupy Wall Street.
> That act, I said,
> violated the 3rd
> Amendment.  

3rd Amendment?

I didn't see any Redcoats with flintlock muskets down at Zuccotti Park.
And unlike the British in the 18h Century, the Zuccotti occupiers were
unarmed and brought their own tents and didn't demand "quartering" from
Brookfield Properties.  

> Checks and balances
> are the governing
> practice in the US
> Government under the
> US Constitution. 

Checks and balances?  Like those governing the secret Fisa Court who,
for instance,  demands Verizon to provide daily, ongoing feeds of bulk
call records – including those for domestic calls – to the NSA? 

Maybe you should look at the 4th Amendment instead.  "Probable cause" as
justification for such unprecedented snooping would then be... what?  

There is no excuse for the unconstitutional shit that's going on.  I can
understand your disdain for petitions to a certain extent, but there is
power in numbers and this issue needs to be pushed to the forefront in
the public discourse.  As of now, there are 157,620 supporters, make it


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