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EU not sustainable becausethe poorer countries lag,and only a few benefit.
There's also an incomparabilityof the member states.  Theyare not peers.
And, differences in standardsof membership make relationsunwieldy.  Some have EU currency,some don't.  Some have Schengen,some don't.  
Meantime, there's no commonstandard of taxation.
And there's no coverage oflarge parts of Europe.  AreSerbia, Russia and Switzerlandnot European? 2/3rds the volumeof the Rhine, including runoff,comes from Switzerland.
And what about the oil of Norway?
Right now, late June, we're backto an Other to Russia, but notie to Britain, as in 1812 and 1942.
In Bulgaria and Romania especially,tension builds up because the Westoffers fracking, which they don'twant, and Russia offers dependenceon Russian natural gas.  So, whatdecides on economic policy?
Peter Fend

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