[thingist] Yes, thingist!!

Caspar Stracke kasbah at thing.net
Wed Apr 22 23:40:11 UTC 2020

Dear all,

Thingist? Really?!?

In the midst of already spotting a misleading light at 
the end of the tunnel (it’s fake, it’s a wall of LEDs) for 
many of us the isolation has triggered an interesting 
output of writing - Weltschmerz, self isolation side-effects, 
midlife-crisis-ridden disaster-monologues, and other noble 
insights transformed into short essays, of which some 
are probably really worth sharing.

If any of you do have some works that originate from 
this exceptional moment of an unraveling present, 
and consider sharing them, please do!

Yes, it’s “the current thing”, because we thought it’s 
probably a smart idea to stay away from titles like 
“crisis journal”, “corona diaries” and other oh-so-fitting 
ways of romanticizing disaster (and turning it into kitsch)
In fact we originally wanted to propose that all writings 
should refrain of including the notions “pandemic”, “corona” 
or going even further and propose an OuLiPo challenge 
by a call for texts that are written without using the letters 
C, O, V, I, D, as well as the numerals 1 and 9. 
So we rather talking about the thing.

Of course we are also talking about THE THING. 
As old THING members I though it might be a great 
occasion to make use of this sleeping mailing list, in order to 
reconnect with old and new friends and colleagues which were 
–and maybe still are– loosely associated with THE THING.
(hey: or not)

The outcome will be an fanzine-style online journal, published 
far, far away from social media, designed closely to  
a physical counterpart, an issuu-style page-turner.

So…whoever is interested, 
pls send texts, images, drawings, gifs, videos.

Publishing deadline now! April 30th

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