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Thu May 7 11:52:19 UTC 2020

On Tue, 2020-05-05 at 14:12 +0200, Christoph Draeger wrote:
> ..is the answer.

May I suggest you do that in Ischgl/Austria?  A real fun place:


I am really curious how all this pans out.  But when I gaze into my
crystal ball I only get confusing and contradictory visions.  

One the one side I see these militias and armed goons protesting
lock-down measures in places like Michigan or Ohio.  I guess by now
you all saw the zombies in Ohio?  If not, take a look:


I might be overstretching it, but I just can't help thinking these
militias are willing to do for Trump what the SA did for Hitler.
So if you lefties still want to win the culture wars, you'd better
do some target practice now.  Forget it, you're gonna loose.  
So unfortunately it looks like more authoritarianism, more fascism. 

On the other hand there is still all this hope and drive out there
for more equality, guaranteed basic incomes, a renewal of our
fucked up commercialized culture, etc. etc.

Well, well... I also hope the financial markets crash so badly
they never come back.  I also would like to see the 1% hung by
their feet from the lamp posts of lower Manhattan.  Is it going to
happen?  Maybe in the movies.  I'd volunteer to act in one.

Here's a pretty level headed analysis by the Austrian historian
Walter Seidel:


Also worth the read is Timothy Garton Ash in the same paper:


And last, but not least, Magda Sawon on artnet (trigger warning, 
this smacks of shameless self-promotion, because of a picture in
there, but I won't let that get into the way and deprive you of
this morsel):


In Hong Kong a graffiti reads: “There can be no return to normal
because normal was the problem in the first place.” 

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