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Hola W y tod at xs,

On Crime Time TV this week:  "Watching the Watchers":

"The European Union has agreed to stricter rules on the sale and export of cyber-surveillance technologies like facial recognition and spyware. After years of negotiations, the new regulation will be announced today in Brussels. Details of the plan were reported<https://www.politico.eu/article/europe-to-curtail-spyware-exports-to-authoritarian-countries/> in Politico last month.

The regulation requires companies to get a government license to sell technology with military applications; calls for more due diligence on such sales to assess the possible human rights risks; and requires governments to publicly share details of the licenses they grant. These sales are typically cloaked in secrecy, meaning that multibillion-dollar technology is bought and sold with little public scrutiny."


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EU is finally taking action against Amazon.  As usual, it's too little
too late, but at least Vestager is moving, while Dorothee Bär prefers
to play cheerleader for the games industry.


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