[mapping] Happy New Year

SERGIO ROCLAW BASBAUM sergiobasbaum at pucsp.br
Fri Jan 7 17:13:11 EST 2005

Happy 2005 for all too!


If there´s ant need to refine the map you´re gonna receive, this website:


is a fine instrument. It provides routes through the city for drivers and
pedestrians, always with the name of the streets and maps.

best for all


Citando trebor at thing.net:

> Happy New Year to you all,
> SubmaP is fine with me also.
> I translated the Portguese posts
> with Google- it works quite well.
> As for the decision of who joins I wonder
> if it's necessary to limit it.
> We could have a large discussion group and
> I think the people who dedicate themselves
> to actually build it will be limited anyway.
> I would include all who are interested in
> developing this.
> Can we agree on a time plan-- to list who
> will do what and in which time frame...
> best,
> Trebor
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