[mapping] My opinion is different than Trebor's.

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Dear all
My opinion is different than Trebor's.
I would suggest with create a tight core of people
with a consensual agreemente to make decisions.
Ideally we should ask for a grant to carry this work more properly.
A team should be build with strong ties among themselves
that would lead the work forward.
My experience is that loosely formed groups
tend to wander with no direction.
The worst is when a newcomer arrives
and feel he or she could lead and make decisions
since there was no structure presented to him/her.
When there is a structure working
newcomers actually feel better, they sense they have a place and a function.
Greetings from São Paulo

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> Happy New Year to you all,
> SubmaP is fine with me also.
> I translated the Portguese posts
> with Google- it works quite well.
> As for the decision of who joins I wonder
> if it's necessary to limit it.
> We could have a large discussion group and
> I think the people who dedicate themselves
> to actually build it will be limited anyway.
> I would include all who are interested in
> developing this.
> Can we agree on a time plan-- to list who
> will do what and in which time frame...
> best,
> Trebor
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