[iDC] tenure and visibility

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Tue Apr 5 13:41:32 EDT 2005

>while there are problems with the tenure process - it's ability to 
>turn peers into micromanagers and judges - to suggest that 
>non-tenure teaching is a real alternative for most people is 
>ridiculous (private schools that have full time contracts 
>independent of tenure excepted).
>part timers aren't hired because they're "innovative" anymore than 
>indonesians are for being master shoe makers. and many adjuncts are 
>finding that growing grad programs are providing a labor pool that 
>accepts even less money - in fact they're pretty much paying for 
>their own experience.
>the tenure process may turn many of the people going through it into 
>self-obsessed walking CVs, but commuting to 3+ different schools to 
>make just above minimum wage with no health benefits and no 
>guarantee of a job next term (not too mention where the people you 
>work "with" don't even know who you are) can do something to you 
>too. i'll take a few faculty meetings if it means i can afford to go 
>to the dentist and the doctor if needed.

My intent wasn't to suggest that adjunct is a nice way of going -- 
the entire system is problematic to put it politely...  and it 
appears that neither aspect tenure/adjunct are in any way designed 
for the uplifting social possibilities (safe position to engage in 
strong social critique, f. ex., or flexible working options for 
second wage-earner), but only for the continuence of the 
institutional structure as one element of a larger production system 
for skilled 'workers'...


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