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john sobol john at johnsobol.com
Thu Dec 8 08:14:14 EST 2005

i will just add, in case i had not made it clear in my last post,  that 
i am most definitely not trying to start a war (don't like em, don't 
want em, don't need em)...my point was rather than in supporting 
empowering, intelligent and fun modes of cultural resistance today we 
may find ourselves tomorrow at the vanguard of a massive cultural tide 
that unintentionally amplifies our prescient actions (as with 
Negativland)...one that provokes significant social clashes simply by 
doing what comes naturally (playing games, sharing things, talking, 
jamming, inventing new ways of working, etc.). And while some of us may 
be fine with this, others may legitimately fear unforeseen and 
potentially serious consequences for institutions and individuals ... 
And so I'm just saying that framing our invitations to actions of 
resistance in this context may be wise and/or necessary as we look 
ahead...that we should perhaps (at least on occasion) submit to the 
aboriginal imperative to consider the consequences of our actions 
across 7 generations – 3 past and 3 future – as we assess the merits of 
various activist strategies...


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