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saul ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
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what is included
what is excluded
what the situation was before
what the situation is after
what  now comes to b included
what now comes to be excluded
acknowledges that the situation is not static, nor are the terms and 
condition by which actions are determined
On Dec 8, 2005, at 8:14 AM, john sobol wrote:

> i will just add, in case i had not made it clear in my last post,  
> that i am most definitely not trying to start a war (don't like em, 
> don't want em, don't need em)...my point was rather than in supporting 
> empowering, intelligent and fun modes of cultural resistance today we 
> may find ourselves tomorrow at the vanguard of a massive cultural tide 
> that unintentionally amplifies our prescient actions (as with 
> Negativland)...one that provokes significant social clashes simply by 
> doing what comes naturally (playing games, sharing things, talking, 
> jamming, inventing new ways of working, etc.). And while some of us 
> may be fine with this, others may legitimately fear unforeseen and 
> potentially serious consequences for institutions and individuals ... 
> And so I'm just saying that framing our invitations to actions of 
> resistance in this context may be wise and/or necessary as we look 
> ahead...that we should perhaps (at least on occasion) submit to the 
> aboriginal imperative to consider the consequences of our actions 
> across 7 generations – 3 past and 3 future – as we assess the merits 
> of various activist strategies...
> thanks
> john
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