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Malian Lahey mlahey at artic.edu
Thu Dec 8 11:54:08 EST 2005

Quoting john sobol <john at johnsobol.com>:

my point was rather than in supporting 
> empowering, intelligent and fun modes of cultural resistance today we 
> may find ourselves tomorrow at the vanguard of a massive cultural tide 
> that unintentionally amplifies our prescient actions (as with 
> Negativland)...one that provokes significant social clashes simply by 
> doing what comes naturally (playing games, sharing things, talking, 
> jamming, inventing new ways of working, etc.). 

Radicality could mean to not
(immediately) respond. It could mean not to react. We can disappoint the
competition and efficiency-enhancing aspects of these social technologies!
It was historically the job of artists to disappoint social expectations.
Having a meaningful, concentrated long-term life vision is highly
unconventional and radical. How can we live our life in an engaged and
fulfilled way? Not arbitrarily drifting from one opportunity to the next is
profound. Getting less efficient is rebellious. Taking care of your body is

Don't worry
that the others have a hard time understanding. Because so
many people get it right. And more are streaming in. The
main thing is to keep the momentum, feed the energy. All you
can do is try to be the wave you're riding. Until it crashes
on the shore.

10-4!  in my experience, resolving the destructive interference in one's daily
life through creativity, almost always plays into the development of solutions
on a bigger scale.  the freedom to personalize solutions is a must.  To look at
it with a buddhist sense of non-attatchment - we have to realize that while we
may feel that the Ayatollah was reprehensible, it remains true that he was
solutionizing his situation.  More solutions come after.  "When the enemy gives
me two options, I take the third".

The key is not to try and take responsibility for control over all solutions;
one's own is more than enough to start with.  We don't need the approval of a
movement in order to let down those who expect us to go along with destructive
social conventions.  

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