[iDC] book rec

Julie Perini jkperini at buffalo.edu
Mon Dec 12 04:46:51 EST 2005

>  i feel like discussions too quickly oscillate from the grand 
> narratives of 1960s Paris to 1999 Seattle, skipping everything in 
> between and outside of that frame.

The new book "Letters From Young Activists: Today's Rebels Speak Out" 
might provide the some insight into what's "in between and outside of 
that frame."  The letters provide a cross-section of the conversations 
going on among the new generation of activists in the US (and those 
working internationally).  Letters like: "Dear Secretary of State 
Condolezza Rice," "Dear Dad, (from Chesa Boudin to his father David 
Gilbert)," "Dear Punk Rock Activism" and "Dear Young Africanist."

Run, don't walk, to your local independent bookstore to get it,
Julie Perini

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