[iDC] Art and Politics

saul ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
Fri Dec 30 10:57:17 EST 2005

Might it not at this point be useful  to begin to distinguish between 
what is mean by such terms as  political culture, cultural production 
in genereal, political activism and at the same time identify the 
networks of discourse and values (standards and criteria) each of these 
represent, replicate  and circulate
I make this suggestion becauseagain we have slid into an area in which 
the meta-language we use leads to assume a range of  humanist 
commonality (passing as the political) and secondly because the 
anecdotal is always seductive.

As you know while I have interest in issue oriented work in support of 
a community or cause - I'm much more interested in how these normalize 
the value system that at present constitutes  resistance  and therefore 
become prescriptive both in form and content - beyond the institutional 
no one has actually addressed   the ideological differences within the 
"work" of these artists .no Is the only difference that of site?
Saul Ostrow

Saul Ostrow
Visual Arts and Technologies Environment
Chair of Painting
The Cleveland Institute of Art

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