[iDC] C0de 0f practice - invitation to participate

Kelli Dipple Kelli.Dipple at tate.org.uk
Tue Jul 5 10:34:59 EDT 2005

Hello there, I am a relatively new member of the list - and am currently
working together with Trebor Scholz, who had initially drawn my
attention to participate here.

I do apologise for any cross posting...

I believe that some of you participating in this list, may have a vested
interest in a discussion that is currently live on the Tate site titled
'C0dE 0f practice' (active until July 18). Raising issues relevant to
'open systems', 'curatorial control', 'new media', 'generative, 'open'
distributed and collaborative work'. 

The discussion subverts slightly, the typical online forum structure,
and evolves narrative under a single thread. Someone recently called it
a 'blog-essay' which seemed somewhat appropriate. 6 formal participants
have been contracted to initiate dialogue including: Trebor Scholz,
Christiane Paul, Patrick Lichty, Charlie Gere, Beryl Graham and Sarah

The panelists, have expressed a keeness for other people to add input
into the discussion... If you do have input - I would really like to see
some of you jump in and comment via the public forum. It will only
address the issues it needs to address, if people offer input and engage
in a dialogue.

Here is exerpt from one of Charlie Gere's posts, inviting response:

"... I suppose the question is how do we open up what appears to be a
closed system to elements which exceed it. This is a kind of mirror of
much of what is at stake with 'new media' art."

I am not trying to bang you all in the head with marketing or self
promotion here - I do think that it is important these debates are given
some space. And I am aware there is a multitude of experience and
expertise out there. The discussion will remain published / archived on
the Tate site afterwards.

Do feel free to redistribute this to any peers or students, you feel may
have an interest or stake in the direction of this discussion.

You can get to both the panel discussion and public forum here:

An overview of the associated umbrella season can be found here:

And the associated conference archive - "Curating, Immateriality,
Systems" Including contributions from Inke Arns, Josephine Berry Slater,
Goriunova & Alexei Shulgin, Tiziana Terranova and others.

C0dE 0f practice 

How do we identify, sort, search and locate ourselves amidst the dynamic
instability of immaterial culture and its artefacts? In a data-based
landscape of self organization, automation and agency, and further
through the use of social, networked, location aware and ID specific -
tools, systems and software, where is the curator/artist/audience placed
in the 21st Century? Under what conditions do we collaborate,
participate and appropriate? What social, political and cultural
reference points inform legacies of new media, activist,
interventionist, net, code, software and sound art? What tendencies,
behaviours and practice evolve?

In response to the Tate Modern exhibition 'Open Systems Rethinking Art
c.1970' and the Curating, Immateriality, Systems conference.

I look forward to hearing some fresh voices in the forum.

Kind Regards

Kelli Dipple
Webcasting Curator
Digital Programmes / Education & Interpretation

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