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Members of iDC,

We are trying to distribute our message to all librarians in all countries. 
Please consider forwarding this email below to any and all librarians you know -- librarians at your local public library, librarians who work at your community college, college, or university, librarians you know who live overseas, etc. And if you blog, please consider blogging this.  Thank you,

david silver


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The September Project ( http://www.theseptemberproject.org ) is a grassroots
effort to encourage public events on freedom, democracy, and citizenship in
libraries on or around September 11.  September Project events are activities
of reflection, discussion, and dialogue about the meaning of freedom, the role
of information in promoting active citizenship, and the importance of literacy
in making sense of the world around us. Events take place on September 11, on
the weekend of September 11, or throughout the month of September.  In other
words, whenever it works best for your library and community.

Libraries around the world are collaborating with organizations to host public
and campus events, such as: displays about human rights and historical
documents; talks and performances about freedom and cultural difference; and 
film screenings about issues that matter. Over 100 examples of events can be 
found at: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/pastevents.htm  For events 
tailored to a more academic audience, please visit:

Currently, over 160 public, academic, school, and institute libraries in 13
countries are participating.  Participating countries include: Bangladesh, 
Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Nepal, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, South 
Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, the US, and Venezuela. You can view a map of all 
participating venues here:

If you plan to offer programs that explore these ideas, please sign up. Signing
up takes a moment and places your library on the map of participants. Please 
visit: http://www.drizzle.com/~klockner/cgi-bin/tsp/2005/venue.cgi

I hope you and your colleagues will consider participating in this project, and 
please let me know if you have any questions and suggestions. Respectfully,

david silver

English: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/tsp.pdf
Espanol: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/tspespanol.pdf

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Que esta haciendo tu biblioteca el 11 de Septiembre 2005?

El dia 11 de Septiembre, o cerca de esta fecha, gente en muchos paises 
alrededor del mundo se reunieran en espacios publicos como las bibliotecas para 
compartir y discutir asuntos que son de vital importancia en el mundo que hoy 
vivimos. Vecinos de distintas areas participaran en foros publicos, 
representaciones artisticas, y otras expresiones creativas de temas como 
democracia, ciudadania, y libertad. Las bibliotecas proveen el perfecto espacio 
para unir y atraer gente: Son espacios libres, publicos, y existen en muchas 
partes del mundo. Su participación es gratis. Por favor visite:


Consulta la lista de bibliotecas participantes; Comparte ideas para eventos; 
Inscribe a tu biblioteca.

Esta cerrada en Domingo? No hay ninguna actividad planeada?
Muchas bibliotecas estan planeando eventos para el fin de semana del 11 de 
septiembre y durante todo el mes de septiembre. Algunas bibliotecas en 
universidades y escuelas estan incluso organizando eventos y presentando 
exhibiciones que continuan hasta el siguiente periodo academico.

El Proyecto Septiembre 11 es una iniciativa de base que tiene como proposito 
fomentar eventos publicos en todas las comunidades el dia 11 de Septiembre.

Para mayor informacion por favor contacte a:
info at theseptemberproject.org

Espanol: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/tspespanol.pdf
English: http://www.theseptemberproject.org/tsp.pdf

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